What to wear at Royal Ascot 2018

Royal Ascot starts next week and we can only imagine the preparations that are already underway when getting ready for this prestigious event. If you are lucky enough to be invited to one of the enclosures and not sure what to wear, I understand only too well.  Last week I was a guest at Trooping of the Colour and was desperately trying to work out the most appropriate outfit, however Royal Ascot is definitely an event for dressing up for.  Think going to a Royal Wedding and your opportunity to wear something fabulous.  Keep shoulders covered, dress at or below knee line, a fabulous hat is an essential and our recommendation would be to wear a court shoe, there is a time and place to show your toes and this is not it!  Critical is making sure your shoes fit comfortably, I know we would say this, but you will be walking and standing for periods of time.  At Trooping of the colour I wore a court shoe with my Sticky Heelz teardrop pads to reduce discomfort at the ball of the foot, and the anti-slip heel pads as this will keep your shoes firmly in place, even if they don’t slip, being new shoes they could rub and blister your feet which will only ruin your day.

So please enjoy the event, we will be watching and tweeting the best outfits.


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