If only Prince Harry could make Megan’s shoes fit, she truly would have had her Cinderella moment!

So does Megan, Duchess of Sussex, really stuff her shoes with cotton wool to allow her feet to swell as recently reported?

This is not the only style hack we have heard in our mission to improve the fit and comfort of shoes. A popular one is to spray hairspray onto the bottom of your shoes as this will create a tacky surface for your feet to stick. We also heard from the lady who used an elastic band around her shoe to keep it from flipping off…. not very attractive looking. How about taping your toes together as this apparently reduces pressure on the ball of the foot? – This just sounds uncomfortable and painful. Finally, putting deodorant on the back of the shoe to stop it rubbing, possibly as the deodorant stops the foot sweating? What we do know, is that it is not the fault of shoe manufacturers that people are resorting to such extremes, the issue starts with peoples’ feet.

Looking at Megan Markle, she has very slender legs and ankles, so it looks like she has narrow feet and heels. From images, you can see her heel tapers at the back of the ankle causing the gap in the shoe.

Megan is certainly not in the minority when it comes to ill-fitting shoes because of her foot size. In our research, only 18% of the people we surveyed have no issue with their shoes being a good fit, as people also suffer with slightly different sized feet, small feet, half shoe sized feet and wide feet.

Our founder, Laura Birrell, with slightly different sized feet, decided to come up with her own solution, Sticky Heelz, as nothing on the market worked for her and she had tried all the style hacks. A simple two-part product was the solution; a heel pad and a shoe pad connect using a flexible fastener to secure the foot inside the shoe. This means the foot won’t move around so cannot slip off, it won’t rub so no blisters, and as the foot is fixed in the shoe you can walk for longer in those amazing heels!
We will definitely be sending some Sticky Heelz to Megan to try out after seeing this news, she now has the Prince so we can help her complete her Cinderella story, with perfect fitted shoes, meaning no more shoe gap, and no need to be distracted from her otherwise perfect attire.
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