Love Your Shoes Again!

Love Your Shoes Again!

 Stop shoes slipping off your feet
 Reduce the risk of blistering
 Same day dispatch available*

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How it Works

  • Step One

    Peel backing and place shoe pad at the back of shoe

  • Step Two

    Ensure there is no body/foot lotion or fake tan on heel of foot. Apply heel pad to lower back of heel

  • Step 3

    Place foot inside shoe and connect the pads.

Walk with comfort and confidence


Can you wear Sticky Heelz with tights or stockings?

Yes, you will apply the heel pads on the heel of foot and then pull your stockings over the heel pad. The shoe pad will still connect with the heel pad with a finer denier, however unless you carefully remove the shoe pad from the foot you may damage your stocking.

Can I wear Sticky Heelz with flat shoes?

Yes, Sticky Heelz can be used on most types of shoes.

Are the pads reusable?

The shoe pads will remain inside the shoe for a number of wears. The heel pad can be removed from the foot still attached to the shoe pad and reused as it will remain tacky. However for robust connection use a fresh heel pad on the next application. There are four heel pads in each standard pack.

Can I purchase from outside of the UK?

Sticky Heelz is available on Amazon.

I would like to stock Sticky Heelz?

We would be deligthed to hear from you so please contact us on

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