At Sticky Heelz HQ we are getting so excited to finally get to see what dress Megan Markle will wear on her wedding day. She has such great style, so we are sure that whatever she decides to wear she will look amazing.  We do hope though that she got her Sticky Heelz for her wedding day shoes and has bought enough packs for all of her bridal party.  We would like to think that her mum will wear the Teardrop Arch pads that are great for when you are  not used to wearing formal shoes and you know that you will be standing around for long periods of time. However with your feet looked after all you have to do is find something nice, cool and fizzy to drink and enjoy a great chat with friends, while you admire the other guests outfits. We do love a good wedding and will be glued to the television with millions of other viewers across the world to watch the happy couple get wed.  We will go out after and celebrate in our fab shoes with our Sticky Heelz on we will be able to dance the night away and celebrate with the rest of the country.
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