3 Standard Packs of Sticky Heelz Anti Slip Heel Pads
Its Cocktails and Heelz season, stock up for you and your girlfriends with our seasonal offer of 3 standard packs of Sticky Heelz for £16.99 saving you £6.97 !! Plus free P&P or only £1.99 for international shipping. 3 packs...
£15.99 GBP
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Buy 4 small packs of Sticky Heelz
4 small packs of Sticky Heelz will provide: 8 x Shoe pads 8 x Heel pads   To apply please ensure that no body lotion or fake tan is present on the foot as this will create a barrier to making...
£19.96 GBP £16.99 GBP
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Double up with our anti-slip heel pads twin pack.  This offer on anti-slip heel pads provides:   4 x shoe pads 4 x heel pads   Stop your shoes slipping off and reduce rubbing and blistering in new shoes with...
£9.98 GBP
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