• Confessions of a Shoe-aholic

    Confessions of a Shoe-aholic

    The shoe habits of a self confessed shoe lover are uncovered along with survey information on the shoe spending habits of 60 ladies who were surveyed by Sticky Heelz. 
  • You Can't Kick Ass in Heels that Slip Off

    You Can't Kick Ass in Heels that Slip Off

    Cinderella is a fairytale we all grew up with - a story of a young impoverished girl who meets her prince, falls in love and in our minds lives happily ever after.  But what if, like real life, this wasn't the case.  Had her shoe stayed on her feet, what would the outcome have been?  If Sticky Heelz were around back then, a very...
  • Hello USA!

    Hello USA!

    We recently debuted with Zulily in the USA.  Their system is fantastic as we were able to track sales and see exactly where in the USA customers were purchasing our products. There were very few states that customers purchased.  We are so excited to have so many new customers who can love their shoes again with Sticky Heelz.
  • STICKY HEELZ lands in Canada

    STICKY HEELZ lands in Canada

    Taking our brand global is something is our vision so it is great to see us expanding internationally as we are now listed with Rexall in Canada.  We are super excited with this milestone and look forward to growing the brand globally.


    At Sticky Heelz HQ we were delighted to get the news that we have been shortlisted as SCOTTISH INNOVATION OF THE YEAR at the Scottish SME Business Awards 2019.  We always love the opportunity to get dressed up, get those heels on and go mix with other great business owners for a night celebrating the success of our peers.  We do of course hope...
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