Wedding Shoes Saviour

November 02, 2015

Wedding Shoes Saviour

The one day that you need your shoes not to slip from your feet or rub causing blistering, has got to be your wedding day! 

At Sticky Heelz we realise this is a big issue for brides, so we provided a free pack for all attendees in the goodie bag at the Wedding Magazine blog awards.  

As a new product, that is different to existing heel pads, due to its unique two part contact fastener, we wanted to ensure we maximise exposure of our product. 

Please try out our product, our site offers a variety of purchase options for brides to see if this is the product that is right for your shoes. 

While we get the product out to bridal shops please purchase online. Why not Contact us to arrange to have the Sticky Heelz in your wedding goodie bags for your fellow guests. Keep them dancing!