Teardrop Arch Pads - For Relief from Discomfort at Ball of Foot


Our Teardrop Arch pads have been designed to reduce pressure at the ball of the foot area. The product has been designed with a podiatrist.  The teardrop pad is designed to be placed just before the ball of the foot so that pressure is deflected from the ball of the foot when walking, standing or dancing for long periods of time. 

Even is you have started to get discomfort and that burning sensation the pads will release pressure from the ball of foot area. 

There are 6 placement pads so that you can use the product in up to 3 pairs of different shoes, for multiple wears. 


1.  Peel backing from placement pad and place centre front of the shoe. 

2.  The teardrop pad has a hard fastener on the flat side, use this to place the teardrop where the transverse arch at the ball of the foot is situated. 

3.  You will likely have to move thet teardrop pad around until you feel comfortable.  You should feel a slight raise, it will feel slightly strange, but practice walking for 1 minute. If the teardrop is pinching or uncomfortable you will need to move it.  It takes a couple of times to get the perfect position.

4. Once you have a comfortable position use a pen to mark the product using the indents on the pads.  

5.  Use additional placement pads in other shoes, and interchange the teardrop pad between shoes repeating the instructions as above.