About Us


Hello, I am Laura, the founder of Sticky Heelz. My journey to develop Sticky Heelz started when I realised I had too many pairs of my favourite shoes in the wardrobe that I just couldn’t wear because they slipped at the heel. Some of those shoes were designer shoes and some just old favourites. Something had to be done. Beautiful shoes should be on your feet and not in their boxes after all!

In a Eureka moment I came up with a concept of a two part shoe slip prevention product which actually attaches the foot to the shoe using a contact fastener! I wanted the foot to stick and not slip at the heel … Sticky Heelz was born. I started developing my first contact fastening prototype by hand and found it solved the problem.

This made me wonder if slipping shoes was a problem for others too so I did some market research and I was astonished by the number of responses I got which led me to develop the product into a business so solve this problem for others too. In July 2014 I hired a product design company to professionally design the product with carefully selected materials to get it just right ! I’m sure you will love it.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and will fall in love with your shoes again. As a valued customer we would love to hear from you, so please interact with our social media - why not show us your favourite shoes, at Sticky Heelz we just love shoes.

Happy shopping and thank you for your custom.

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